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Our Story

When u talks about a beauty in a house, you should be thinking of playing with colours and patterns
When emptiness in a spacial dimension becomes a problem, Trust me all you need is a RUG!!

Home is like a white canvas ready to be painted with colorful paints, it's also a place where you and your family shares stories, and knowing each other. thats why some people say designing and arranging a house is never ending story.

The rug house knows well that making a house into a "home" is a complex but not difficult process of collaborating preferences amongst people in your family. Here, We listen and understand of those difficulties and turns it into creative ideas of featured products and ready to dwell your house.

The rug house begins with bright ideas of "canvas rug". As we grows, we are now developing hand-tufted rug and accessories such as pillow cases, table runner, lamp shades and many other funky yet elegant products.

The rug house not limited to developing products but also giving you service of guidance of making your house into your "dream home". So don't wait, contact us now and be surprised whats coming on your way.

Have a great day!!

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